Heya friends.. as I type this a mind numbing, soul taunting Green Fucking Blinking light is mocking me on an external hard drive or charger or.. what the hell is this thing? anyhow.. *Whatever…Refocus*

This WEEK: Saturday- Vassar,KS POMONA Lake/ Lighthouse Full Band Show!! Free Show w/ KOFO Radio!!!!

Happy Mond..err Tuesday, or whatever day you might find yourself reading this.. It’s Late & I’m tired.. I spend a lot of night like this, Awake, when I have no reason to be.. Melodies I haven’t written (yet) spinning totally tangled in stress, worry, lyrics, “who sang that one song.. Oh Yeah Marty Robbins.. What Year” type of shit just banging around the walls in this old hat holder of mine.. I think about artists that inspire me and what they’re doing to talk their show to the fans.. “How do they connect.. I can I get better.. Shit did I instagram today?” “Does anybody read my twitter”, “What is the point of social media, are people really giving two shits about what I had for lunch or the funny pic I might’ve seen”.. I mean I guess we all do right?? It’s the same reason I follow the people I enjoy following.

“What should I do for mercy for this tour?” “Gawddamn I hope the People who have stuck with me my career love this new record..”

Questions swirling questions, around the sheep I can’t count, the jokes I can’t type on here because I’ll get sued and the fact that after 6 years of my Extravaganza the same inappropriate shit is still happening inside my head now just without an outlet… EXCEPT…

Here is something that really happened today.. I’ve been called a HUNDRED times by the same bullshit scam telephone call.. a Obviously struggling with english man tells me his name is John Smith and he works for the IRS, I have a payment due immediately..

After I’ve researched this number and know it’s a total bullshit scam I decide to let this dude have it.. I can’t say for sure what happened next but it felt great, I blacked out and when I came to at the end of the call the last word that were spoken that I can recall were

ME: So If this phone ever rings again with this number I will find you and drown you..

“John Smith”: **Garbled** Umm Okay.. Have a nice day

ME: Drown you….  *Click*

Soooooo I think my point of all this is to come see me and the full band BACK Pout on the road THIS Week in Vassar Kansas, Pomona Lake Lighthouse Marina This SATURDAY!!! It’s a FREE Show for y’all Thanks to KOFO Radio!!!

Thanks for sticking with me, Hope you got a few chuckles.. bedtime bananas..


Heya friends & Franz ( I believe that is plural for the ladies grooowwllll)

Anywho.. Just a quick update to tell you that if you’re not keeping a Keen Eye on my tour schedule you might miss out on us getting close to YOU!!! I’m adding TONS of dates right now to take us through the end of 2014 (Northwest, Northeast, Midwest, SOUTHEAST, WEST COAST I’m looking in YOUR Directions!)..

It’s just insane, what leaps and bounds have happened because of all of you.. Wowsa.. Just mind bending… So with all of that in mind get Your ass out to a show and make sure you’re following me on Twitter & All my show dates are announced not only here but on Bandsintown Too!!! You can see it on my ARTIST FACEBOOK page and get the app for your phone,

You can sign up to stalk.. err Track me... (Actually I think tracking me sounds scarier than stalking.. I mean, If You’re TRACKING someone down that sounds like Intent.. Like -”hey Man Im about to Fuck you and your body up, with intent”-    as to where stalking sounds like… “Oh Ya know I’m just lurking over here watching you do what you do…”  which is also creepy, but not like “Hey You son of a bitch, I’m gonna Track You…”  errr uuuuh You get the point…. So whichever you prefer to do with me, Do That!!!

Much Love Friends and Franz.. be Nice to each other out there..