As promised the planned roll out of the new music making up #Album3 has continued!!

Tomorrow we will release yet another brand new song ANNNND Becuase Itunes has partnered with us we will be FRONT & Center again on the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes!!


Available on Itunes Tonight at Midnight

LOVE SONG Available now

Wow what a whirlwind of a week.. “LOVE SONG” Hit iTunes with a Fury and because of all of you it gave me my biggest first week ever!!! Make sure you help us keep spreading the word because it’s picking up Heat!!!

With the immediate reaction from all of You radio Stations around the country are testing it, adding it, playing it to see what you think of it!!!

So make sure you’re spreading the word!!



Next Tuesday You’ll have another reason to Crank up your iTunes account as You will be getting ANOTHER Song off the new album that will be featured on the FRONT PAGE of ITUNES New & Noteworthy Section… Let’s make next week even bigger than last week!!!!

Mark Your Calendars and get ready for it!!!

Where to see me this week:

Fri: Private Show / Lafayette, LA

Sat: South Coffeyville, Oklahoma Southern Supper Club

Mon: Nashville,TN- Inappropriate Monday / The Wheel

Tues APRIL 1st, 2014 on ITUNES!


Next TUESDAY April 1st!!!

Friends and neighbors we are beginning the roll out of #Album3. What an amazing experience, ALL OF YOU who came together to become the absolute driving force of this album, this music, this moment in time for me. THANK YOU Continues not to cover it but, it is still very heartfelt.In a world of “perception is reality” and people believing that it’s cool to be inaccesable, I’m proud to be on the other side of that fence. To have opened up something so important to me to allow all of you to bring it to life and because of that, because of the disregard for normal protocol we’re doing something pretty special..

And with your belief, you’ve inspired others inside of this business to believe as well, to jump on board and help & spread the word because they have connected with the art and what it says and what all of YOU have said. 2014 has already pushed past my expectations and it’s just getting better. So below we’re gonna give y’all some easy copy & paste stuff for your social media pages.. Help us continue to make people in this business wonder how in the Fuck Hell, we’re doing this. =0)

Share to your friends & anyone else who can share the word, we Wanna make it a big week, to turn more and more heads on this amazing experience!!

At The end of the week the person who helps get us the most shares on Twitter/FB Etc will Win a HUGE Prize Pack!!!

Plus You can Spend the Release Day with Jeremy LIVE On while Tickets last!!

Click Here to get your ticket!!!

Stuff to Post This Weekend


I Can’t wait for the new @jeremymccomb “LOVE SONG” to hit @Itunes on TUESDAY, April 1st!! #LOVESONG

‘LOVE SONG’ from @Jeremymccomb on @itunes Tuesday!! #LOVESONG


Make sure you get @Jeremymccomb’s new Single “LOVE SONG” on iTunes this Tuesday, April 1st!!

I can’t wait to Get Jeremy McComb’s “LOVE SONG” on iTunes This Tuesday!!!


I Just Got “LOVE SONG” from @Jeremymccomb on @ITUNES!! #GoGetIt