Heya friends & Franz ( I believe that is plural for the ladies grooowwllll)

Anywho.. Just a quick update to tell you that if you’re not keeping a Keen Eye on my tour schedule you might miss out on us getting close to YOU!!! I’m adding TONS of dates right now to take us through the end of 2014 (Northwest, Northeast, Midwest, SOUTHEAST, WEST COAST I’m looking in YOUR Directions!)..

It’s just insane, what leaps and bounds have happened because of all of you.. Wowsa.. Just mind bending… So with all of that in mind get Your ass out to a show and make sure you’re following me on Twitter & All my show dates are announced not only here but on Bandsintown Too!!! You can see it on my ARTIST FACEBOOK page and get the app for your phone,

You can sign up to stalk.. err Track me... (Actually I think tracking me sounds scarier than stalking.. I mean, If You’re TRACKING someone down that sounds like Intent.. Like -”hey Man Im about to Fuck you and your body up, with intent”-    as to where stalking sounds like… “Oh Ya know I’m just lurking over here watching you do what you do…”  which is also creepy, but not like “Hey You son of a bitch, I’m gonna Track You…”  errr uuuuh You get the point…. So whichever you prefer to do with me, Do That!!!

Much Love Friends and Franz.. be Nice to each other out there..


Hello friends and neighbors, well after 13 days in the mid & Northwest followed by a 4 days on the East Coast in Ohio & West “By God” Virginia I’m Home just long enough o wash my 2000 parts and write this before we jump straight North this week to say hello to our amazing friends in Wisconsin… There is so much happening and I’m doing my best to keep y’all informed.. It’s a big job but I’m trying and I just know that as all of our news comes out y’all are gonna be fucking STOKED! I know we are… So, here are some quick pics from the road and my Update friends!!! J~


This Week:

Ringle,WI (Just outside Wausau) – The Q& Z Expo Center w/ WDEZ Country

(Details on Tour Page)




Okay so this is getting Crazy!! From the 4 new songs available we already have OVER 640,000 Streams WOW!!!!! Thank You guys so so much for that!!!

Kickstarters: You guys put everything into this and made it happen. The amazingly exciting news I have to share in the coming weeks is because of what you helped us create. I thank each and everyone of you for your patience as I tease y’all until we can announce it. rest assured all of you will get not only everything in your rewards but more!! From the bottom of my heart Thank You!!!

Itunes: Don’t forget friends that we have the 4 new songs up there and rocking.. Continue to let your friends and the social Media universe know about #LOVESONG #YOURFAULT #GREATESTTHING AND #RUNNINGTOKISSYOU

There’s more where that came from and it’s happening soon!!!!

Make Sure You are watching our tour page as we are adding more and more dates every week.

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